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The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is an important data resource for cancer biologists and oncologists. However, a lack of bioinformatics expertise often hinders experimental cancer biologists and oncologists from exploring the TCGA resource. Although a number of tools have been developed for facilitating cancer researchers to utilize the TCGA data, these existing tools cannot fully satisfy the large community of experimental cancer biologists and oncologists without bioinformatics expertise. Thus, we develop the web-based tool The Cancer Omics Atlas (TCOA, http://tcoa.cpu.edu.cn) for fast and straightforward querying of multi-omics data in TCGA. TCOA is a useful tool that supplies functions complementary with the existing tools to facilitate exploration of the TCGA resource.

TCOA provides the main functions including
1. querying of gene expression, somatic mutations, miRNA expression, protein expression data based on a single molecule or cancer type
2. querying of expression correlation between gene pairs, miRNA pairs, protein pairs, gene and miRNA, and gene and protein
3. querying of the associations of gene expression, gene somatic mutations, miRNA expression, and protein expression with survival prognosis in cancers
4. displaying of transcriptional profiles across various human cancer types based on the pan-cancer analysis
5. querying of molecular profiles for 2,877 immune-related genes in human cancers.

TCOA contains six tabs for querying: Gene, MicroRNA, Cancer, Pan-cancer, Immuno-Oncology, and Protein.

Qingrong Sun, Mengyuan Li and Xiaosheng Wang. The Cancer Omics Atlas: an integrative resource for cancer omics annotations. BMC Medical Genomics (2018), 11:63.

Database statistics

Data type Total number

Cancer types 33

Cancer samples 9,914

Normal samples 712

Genes (expression) 20,531

Genes (mutations) 32,774

Immuno-Oncology genes 2,877

MicroRNAs 1,046

Proteins 295

Page View 490109

Please adhere to the TCGA publication guideline (http://cancergenome.nih.gov/abouttcga/policies/publicationguidelines) when using TCGA data in your publications.
The TCGA data were downloaded from the genomic data commons data portal (https://portal.gdc.cancer.gov/, Data Release 10.1 - February 15, 2018).